• Acknowledgement of Thanks – Phil McDermott

    Illawarra International Judo Club members would like to sincerely thank Phil for his outstanding work, dedication and contribution to Judo NSW over the past 2 decades.

    In his younger years, Phil was a tough competitor, who trained very hard, including a challenging Japanese experience and many national campaigns out of his native Tasmania.

    He understands the commitment and discipline required to perform to your potential and that he certainly did.

    More than that, he also was prepared to give back. He wanted to make Judo better for future members based on his Judo journey. Using his corporate skills he slowly and steadily worked as a Board member in an unassuming manner to build the brand of Judo NSW.

    His business brain and ability to develop quality strategic plans with real and measurable criteria have set a benchmark for Australian Judo. Judo NSW is in a very strong financial and continuing developmental phase, primarily because of his hard work.

    His data collection and analytical brain was always looking for new ways to build the business of Judo to benefit members.

    Phil challenged the status quo in many areas and wasn’t afraid to ask the hard questions but better than that he was always prepared to offer solutions and personally commit hours of volunteer time to improve things for Judo, especially in NSW.

    Phil’s role co-ordinating and efficiently planning many exceptional Dan Grading days was something over and above his daily work.

    He did it because he believed in it and his contribution ensured that all involved had a special day.

    Phil is and remains an active Club Coach at UNSW.

    He has always been in the engine room of Judo development .. an active Club!

    Judo will always be a part of Phil’s life.

    He has been good for Judo and Judo at all levels of NSW is better for his involvement.

    The most fitting quote that I can relate is one from Kano’s writings …..

    The ultimate purpose of Judo … is the ultimate purpose of the human being, and I consider this to be the fulfilment of the self and benefit to the world.”

    Phil is one of those human beings.

    We wish you a long and fulfilling retirement doing all those things you enjoy ……. and Judo!

    Thank you for all you have done for us in NSW.


    Illawarra International Judo Club Inc.

    Alan Broadhead