history-7Illawarra International Judo Club is an active judo club, with emphasis on participation and fun. Illawarra International was recently voted as the “2016 Best Club Dojo” by the Judo Federation of Australia and has previously been voted “Most Inspired Judo Club” at the 2011 Judo Federation of Australia (NSW) awards. This is a result of the dedication and commitment of many people to the club which is run entirely with volunteers for the benefit of members.

Our coaching team consists of over ten Dan grades all with past or current high level national and international competition experience as athletes and coaches. There are also many high grade members of the club who assist with coaching especially with the junior classes. This depth of coaching means that there can be an emphasis on different stages of development throughout the club. We have a very competitive group of tournament players, but there is also a great emphasis put on the development of junior and beginner judo. The fact that 4 of our current coaches have been members of the club since childhood is testament to the fact that Judo is truly a skill for life.

On the competition scene the club has a strong and growing presence amongst the top level Judo competitors in the country.


The International Judo Centre was officially opened on the 4th of April 1998. This centre is dedicated to teaching and developing Judo. Judo is an Olympic sport, originating in Japan in 1882. Judo consists of many dynamic throwing and grappling techniques. This centre recognises the International Judo Federation and Kodokan Judo Institute, founded by Professor Jigoro Kano in Tokyo, Japan, as its parent bodies.

IIlawarra International Judo Club Inc. (IIJC Inc.) is the member club responsible for the development of the International Judo Centre, The club has a long and proud history dating back to the 1960’s. The IIJC Inc. is a member of the Judo Federation of NSW Inc. which is a member of the Judo Federation of Australia Inc. which in turn is a member of the International Judo Federation. This affiliation allows all members the opportunity to represent at state, national and international level. This includes Olympic Games, World Championships, Commonwealth Games, Oceania, Australian and NSW championships. Grades achieved by members are recognised throughout Australia and around the world.