That’s a wrap for 2023 at Illawarra International Judo Club.

    A big thank you to all members for your continued activity and success on many levels.

    Most of all we hope that you enjoyed your Judo journey throughout 2023.

    All the very best for the festive season!

    The 2024 year kicks off in a big way for our club.

     We will host high ranking coaches from the Kodokan Judo Institute, Tokyo over the weekend of 19 – 21 January.

    Hirofumi Otsuji (7th Dan), Makoto Takimoto (6th Dan and Sydney 2000 Olympic Gold Medallist) and Kento Iwanaga (5th Dan) will present Nage waza as well as support a Kodokan Dan Grading opportunity. Refer to the details below so that you don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to learn from leading technical experts.

    Kodokan Seminar and Dan Grading Last Call and Information Update:

    The Nage – waza sessions are filling fast so don’t forget to register to ensure your place via the JA link at revolutionSPORT.

    For those grading, please complete a professional application on the Kodokan Dan Application form and forward to Shane Alvisio at s.alvisio@gmail.com

    Closing date is 5th January 2024.

    Thanks to those that have already done so.

    Additional information as follows for all considering this opportunity.

    The Kodokan kata to be presented as Tore and Uke is as follows, together with the fee in USA dollars.

    Sho Dan:         Nage-no-kata US$50

    Ni Dan:            Nage-no-kata US$60

    San Dan:          Katame-no-kata US$70

    Yon Dan:          Juno-kata US$100

    Go Dan:           Kime-no-kata US$160

    A one off, lifetime Kodokan membership fee of US$55 is also payable for non-members.

    Please wear a white judogi for the kata session and Dan Grading.

    It is expected that you have organised a partner to work with you.

    The Kodokan coaches are very helpful and willing to assist your understanding in the kata you are presenting.

    Members who are not grading are welcome to come along and improve their kata knowledge … please apply so that you don’t miss out.

    Finally, this is a rare opportunity and one that the Australian Kodokan Committee highly recommends to members to improve your Judo knowledge and skills.

    Looking forward to seeing you on the mat to kick off the 2024 year!



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