• VALE – Garry Grennan

    VALE – Garry Grennan

    It is with great sadness we inform you of the passing of Garry Grennan.

    Garry Grennan (4th from the right)

    Also pictured from the left: Alex Bykerk, Billy Shaw, David Givney, Bill Broadhead, Pat Annesley, Barry Johnson, John Buckley and Ron Ford

    Garry was one of the pioneers of Judo in NSW and Australia.

    As a competitor, he was National Champion in 1957 – National Champion’s Award number 6.


    He was a founding member of Sydney University Judo Club in 1954, that had its’ beginnings on the top floor of the Sydney Blind Institute and later moved to the HK Ward Gym around 1968.

    As a head NSW coach, Garry Grennan sought out and implemented spartan training programs. He consulted people like Perc Russo, introduced running with weight packs and implemented demanding cardio conditioning circuits together with solid Judo randori and weight training for strength and power development at a time when this was unheard of.

    Out of that regime came many outstanding competitors.

    Some that come to mind are Barry Johnson, Rob Moffitt, Bill Broadhead, Gary Ward, Doug Churchill, Alex Bykerk, Will Williamski, Peter Clarey, John Tisdale and Johnny Whipp.


    As a National Coach, Garry Grennan took teams to the 1967 World Champs in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1969 to Mexico City, in 1971 to Ludwigshaven and his last in 1973 to Lucerne, Switzerland. As a NSW Senior Men’s Coach from 1967 through to the early 1970’s he was highly successful with NSW’s men dominating most divisions in that era.

    In the early 1960’s he started his own business, Jala Agencies selling Judo suits and equipment.

    He was very generous in supporting those athletes doing the hard yards as well as sponsoring a page in the Judo NSW magazines of the time. Judo in NSW benefited from the influence, commitment and dedication to competition Judo by Garry Grennan. It is a legacy that lives in many of us today.

    On behalf of Illawarra International Judo Club, the Broadhead family, the Johnson family, the Moffitt family and the Churchill family we send our love and best wishes to Barbara, Sharon, Tracey, Andrew, Siobhan, Sean and Christian.


    Rest in peace Garry.