• SEVEN new DAN grades awarded!

    SEVEN new DAN grades awarded!

    Sunday 22nd November was another day that causes us to be proud to be part of Illawarra International Judo Club.

    The NSW Dan grading was held at the armoury with SEVEN of our members presenting for their next grade.

    Special congratulations to our club head coach Alan Broadhead for leading our club to the point where we can have such a deep pool of knowledge and experience.

    We are proud to announce that all who presented were successful. The grades they achieved were as follows:

    Sandan (3rd):
    Dan Bailey
    Ben Broadhead
    Anthony Kouros
    Jordan Kouros

    Nidan (2nd):
    James Zahra

    Shodan (1st):
    Richard Berndt
    Ervant Arutyunyan

    We are super proud of all of you, especially Ervant and Richard for taking what seems a big step to their 1st “black belt grade”.

    Thanks also to Matt Holmes, Steven Zahra & Greg Cadorin for their help as uke and training partners.