Welcome back!

    On Monday evening, 1st November we will resume training for all members.

    Training times remain the same –

    Mondays and Wednesdays

    5:30pm for our Juniors

    6:40pm for our Seniors

    Training will be free for the first month, to welcome and support everyone, given the tough recent impacts on families. Please come along and take advantage of this genuine opportunity to enjoy your Judo.

    We haven’t been idle and we hope that you enjoy the changes, some them listed below!

    1. We have a new gate at the car park entrance that will greatly enhance our overall security, thanks to funding secured by the Soccer Club.
    2. Our dojo has been fully repainted inside from floor to ceiling.
    3. All mats have been lifted and cleaned. Damaged under-flooring and mats removed and replaced.
    4. Under floor pest control and general surface spray around our boundary walls and windows has been completed.
    5. A new quality sound system has been installed in our Tournament Management Area and upstairs Gym.
    6. We have decluttered and further streamlined the main hall and the gym area.
    7. We have refilled our First-Aid Kits and planned for the installation of our Defibrillator
    8. We have almost finalised an internet connection to support a contactless EFT payment system ready for use by members for future mat fees and club merchandise payments. This will be supported by an online club member database.
    9. New internal signage has been ordered.
    10. The Gym area has been re-organised, cleaned and ready to support member strength and conditioning programs.


    The QR Code sign-in protocols remain in place and we will continue to adopt those strategies promoted by NSW Public Health, including our temperature checks and auto hand sanitiser use as outlined in our Club Co-Vid 19 Plan.

    Please note that we will adopt any NSW Public Health strategies and regulations as they evolve as NSW moves out of the lock down strategies and into freer and open activity again.

    Many thanks to Bill Kouros, Cousin Chris, Kosta Kouros, Anthony Kouros, Jordan Kouros, Craig Walker, Paige Walker, Clay Walker, Marcus Craft, Cody Craft, Lily Craft, Dan Bailey, Ben Jones, Ben Broadhead, Jack Broadhead and Werner Ong for their many hours of volunteer work to make our clubhouse better for us all to enjoy!

    We have a few more surprises coming but will let you know on the mat!

    As always, we can’t wait to see you back in our fantastic dojo to enjoy some Judo again.

    Onward and upward, see you all soon!